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free cartoon elf
Where I can find this particular cartoon character Elmer Fudd?

In it, Elmer is the king of the elves in Warner Bros'. Zapatero take and the fairy tale elves. The shoemaker had these elves working in his studio for some time. Elmer appears to find out why they have not returned during this time. Shoemaker explains that it can not stay in business w / o all the free help. Elmer teaches you about the collection of funds through investors and plowing profits back into the company, while setting some aside for 'dividends to investors. The image Zapatero concludes with one-piece in three and one office corner to give a progress report on the elf king Emer. I would like to show this cartoon from my Introduction to Business students. Does anyone know where I can get?

Yankee Dood It. 1956. Directed by Friz Freleng. It was released only in the Laser Disc "Wince Upon a Time: Fairy Tales and Looney Legends reckless" If you have access to the network of its kind, and a screen big enough for them to view, you can see here: Regards, Rock E. Horror (Do not let the name fool you. Looney Tunes are my first love.)

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