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download free cartoons videos
How to put cartoons on the actual images?

Films such as Looney Tunes Back in Action, or Who Framed Roger Rabbit Is it possible to bring animated characters in a video in "real life." As I can take a video from YouTube and type of cut source and put it in the video I have? Is that possible? If so, how and there is a program you can download free? Details please, it's for a project. Thanks!

hmmmm interesting. If I were to try this, then I would do the following. I would use a program called Adobe After Effects and drag in both films in different periods. Then I, frame by frame, my vintage cartoon character of each image with removal of surrounding parts of each image. Then I move my cartoon character in the highest timeline to have it super imposed on another film. Im sure you can be an easier way .. but hey, who knows? maybe not! Hope this helps Baz

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